SCT Group - Collaborations

CNR/RAS Bilateral Collaboration 2005-2007

In 2004 the SCT Group started a fruitful collaboration with the Institute of Control Science of the Russian Academy of Science, and in particular with Laboratory 7 lead by Prof. Boris Polyak. This lead to a formal joint collaboration on the topic of "Probabilistic and deterministic methods for data mining, pattern recognition and image reconstruction". During this collaboration several mutual visits of IEIIT-CNR and IPU-RAS researchers have taken place. The project has been very successful and the main results that have been obtained are: i) joint papers published in top-level international journals and conferences ii) development of the Matlab-based Toolbox RACT (Randomized Algorithms Control Toolbox)

CNR/RAS Bilateral Collaboration 2008-2010

The collaboration between the SCT Group and Laboratory 7 of IPU-RAS continued in the years 2008-2010, with a second joint CNR/RAS bilateral project titled "New Monte-Carlo-like methods in control, and applications within information-technology." Also th second project has been extremely successfull, as testified by the number of common publication by the two teams.

CNR/CAS Bilateral Collaboration 2007-2009

In the year 2007, the SCT Group started a bilateral project with the institute UTIA of the Czech Republic Academy of Sciences (AVCR). The project title is "Robust stability and control of complex networks". The project, lasting three years, included visits of IEIIT-CNR researchers at the AVCR and researchers of UTIA to IEIIT. During these visits, various scientific seminars were held, and research on issues related to the project has been carried on.